Testosterone Replacement Therapy for Men

• Do you have a decrease in libido (sex drive)?
• Do you have a lack of energy?
• Do you have a decrease in strength and/or endurance?
• Have you lost height?
• Have you noticed a decreased “enjoyment in life”?
• Are you sad or grumpy?
• Are your erections less strong?
• Have you noticed a recent deterioration in your ability to play sports?
• Are you falling asleep after dinner?
• Has there been a recent deterioration in your work performance?
• Have you experienced recent weight gain or increased abdominal fat?

Did you answer yes to one or more of the questions above? These are some of the most common symptoms of low testosterone levels.


If you have not had testosterone replacement therapy, or if you are not satisfied with your current treatment and would like Dr. Knighton to treat you, then contact our office. We can order labs for you and schedule a sit-down with Dr. Knighton so you can both come up with a plan to regain your life!

Dr. Knighton’s Approach

The most effective way to treat men with testosterone is by injection (generally weekly). Pellets and creams are a good “idea”, but when it comes to males, they struggle to keep their levels consistent with those modalities. In a perfect world, we would all know what our testosterone levels were on our best days in our 20’s to use as a reference when we get older. Since it is not common to have hormones checked until they become an issue, Dr. Knighton will use lab results to aid in your treatment, but keep in mind “normal” is different for everyone. He will seek to help each of his patients feel better as the patient and patient symptoms are the best indicator/gauge he can use.

“Testosterone Replacement Therapy was the key to feeling good again; lifting the cloud and I got back on top of my world. I got to the point where life just wasn’t exciting anymore and seemed more like a chore and that just wasn’t me. I literally felt weaker mentally and physically. When I started testosterone therapy years ago, I recognized myself again and it was a game changer.”

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