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A common misconception about weight loss is that if you follow the right diet and exercise regime, you should be able to effectively and easily lose weight on your own. Further, those who struggle to find success often mislabel themselves as “weak.” That’s just not true. However, many people find that they need more than diet and exercise to make healthy life changes related to their body weight. That’s where our weight loss medications come in: they are simply a powerful tool in helping to get you where you want to be.

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More than 95% of our patients will begin their new regimen by receiving weight-loss medications. And the medications we use, phentermine, phendimetrazine, and diethylpropion have all been on the market for over 62 years, and have been proven incredibly safe and effective in helping people reach their weight loss goals. We believe that you should feel confident in your treatment, and go into this journey with peace of mind, knowing how effective our medications can be in helping you reach long-term success.

How it works

Diet and exercise are huge pieces of the puzzle in long-term weight reduction.  However, simply focusing on these two components is rarely as simple as it sounds. Before coming to see us, many of our clients get stuck in a vicious cycle of wanting to exercise and eat right, but not having the energy or the drive to do so. We all need energy to exercise, so when we feel sluggish, we typically eat a meal to fuel our workout. However, when in this state, we crave foods with a high sugar content, which gives us a great spike in our energy level, but it’s always followed by an even greater crash–sending us back into the vicious cycle. 


Here at Arizona Medical Weight Loss, our FDA-approved medications work to target and recycle the fat cells in your body by turning them into fuel, and signaling to your brain that you are already full–stopping that vicious cycle in its tracks. When you’re no longer obsessing over what your next meal will be, your energy improves, your movement improves, and it helps promote an overall state of positivity. Because when you feel good, you make better decisions for your health.

Benefits of medications:


No Increased Use of Side Effects

No Withdrawal

*Publishing these medications and supplements is in no way a recommendation for any patient to purchase or  self-administer any drug or herb. All of these products work together, under a doctor’s strict oversight, to produce safe, effective results.

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